Popular Engagement ring and wedding band styles and settings

Here we are with these popular of all engagement ring and wedding band styles and you need to have a complete information about these latest styles and trends. These days, we usually come across with so many styles in the category of engagement rings and wedding bands. It gets overwhelming and confusing that which style should be picked! Here we have collected engagement ring styles and settings for you, we hope that such a kind of explanation and a piece of information will simplify your buying process.

Prong setting for wedding bands and engagement rings

This setting is also called a solitaire setting, this is one of the popular and common wedding band settings. In this setting, so basically a little metal claw get hold of the diamond in a tight position. It is because of this setting that diamond remains positioned at its place. These prongs can be in a rounded form or in pointed form, flat or in V-shaped form. In most of the prong settings, we see the featuring of four prongs or six prongs. The top benefit which is offered by this setting, it incorporates a minimum amount of presence of metal and you get to see more of the diamond.

Why choose a prong setting?

It elevates and enhances the look of a diamond, it is this setting which can make your wedding band look more prominent as well as noticeable. A significant amount of light is passed through the diamond because of such a setting and your wedding band stone brilliance and fire levels get increased.

Tiffany setting for wedding bands

  • Have you ever tried these tiffany settings for your Custom wedding bands, you can try out these engagement ring setting now. It is one of the plain band settings which you can try, this setting actually amplify and increase the amount of light reflection as well as the level of brilliance, it raises the position of the diamond.
  • This setting actually supports a large number of carat sizes and too diamond shapes. If you want to give a classic look to your wedding ring then this is the setting which will never and ever go out of style.

The Popularity of bezel setting

  • The last popular Custom Damascus bands setting is this bezel setting, it is the popular and famous ring setting which you can try! This setting can give a modern look and no doubt an active mature look to your ring.
  • This bezel setting primarily encircles the entire diamond section of your wedding ring and protect it on the firm basis. Your ring will get a modern and a sleek look if this setting will be adjusted on it, because of this setting, your ring will not snag or get tangled with your clothing. To protect your ring from any damage, this is the right ring setting and this setting will also make it easier for you to clean your rings.

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