How do biohazard companies dispose of waste?

Biohazard wastes are those which is very harmful to the environment. It may include bacteria, viruses, mold, and other micro-organisms that can harm your health. It can lead to mortality in humans. Biohazard companies are having expert teams. The teams are disposing of wastes in a very efficient way. They are collecting from one area to another. They can have equipment and transportation. Biohazardous wastes can be generating in many places like:

  • In the pathology laboratories, they can analyze the human and animal presence of pathogens.
  • In the research labs, they can develop vaccines. They can also study how to control over the infection. In operating rooms, where the infectious tissues are removing
  • They can have patient room for caring for the patients.

There are different types of Bio-Hazardous Waste and their companies are having a procedure to remove these wastes:

  • Solid Waste:  It is containing non-sharp items. It comes in contact with human or animal materials such as tissues, body fluids etc. The sharp items like needles, scalpels can be managing separately. There are some breakable items like blood vials is become sharp.      This type of waste can be collecting in a container with a lid. It is in line with a bag and can be marked with the biohazard symbol. If it can decontaminate then it can be used as a regular medical waste. It can discard an approved landfill. If it is not then the company has be collecting for proper decontamination and disposal.
  • Liquid Waste: It may consist of mainly blood and body fluids. It can be contaminated with infectious agents. It the amount of liquid is 25 mils. It can consider and dispose of as solid waste. All the liquid waste are collecting in a leak-proof container. The primary liquid containers are placing in a secondary vessel such as tray or bucket. Mostly liquid waste can dispose of with the chemical treatment of bleach. If your liquid has a mixture of body fluid and chemical waste then the company has to be collecting for proper decomposition.
  • Sharp Waste: It is any type of medical device. It can be contacted with the infectious biological material. It can include needles, microscope slides, saw blades, broken glasses, vials etc. These waste can be collecting in a specified container. They are making to be resistance to puncture, leak proof. It can be safe to handle. According to the biohazard status, all sharps should be collecting in such containers. Bio-hazardous sharps will be a label with the corresponding symbol. These wastes are pick up and dispose of by your local medical waste contractor. These are some ways to know how do biohazard companies manage waste.

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