Get Rid of Radon Instantly!

Radon is tasteless, colorless noble gas which is the decay product of uranium. Due to its radioactivity, it is dangerous for human health. Although it is one of the densest substance it remains a gas under normal temperatures. Radon is thought to be the largest contributor to background radiation dose, and varies from place to place. Radon gas which comes from natural sources can gather in confined areas like buildings or in basements. The devised methods of radon removal controls the radon levels in usually two ways.  One method prevents radon from entering the homes while other reduces existing radon gas. EPA recommends the method which completely blocks the entry of radon in the property.

Due to its property of being made up of a single atom, it can easily penetrate through low-density materials like paper, wood etc. and even building materials. The EPA and Surgeon General suggests for installation of radon removal system in a property if the test results show a level of 4pCi/L or greater. This does not mean that level of 4pCi/L is safe, even below it can lead to higher risks of lung cancer. Therefore, it is necessary that homeowners and property owners think to mitigate their homes from even lower levels of radon gas.

Radon removal kits and test:

If you are planning to purchase or sell your property it is suggested that you use radon kits to test your home for radon gas. These kits are available at home department stores and can be easily used for testing. EPA recommends taking services of a professional radon expert for the testing method. These professionals hold vast experience of working with latest equipment’s and will work with you until the last stage of testing or installation, by providing you satisfaction in their work. You can find many radon contractors in all over the area some are fake, and some are real. You need to find the real contractors who can give you the best materials for testing at an affordable rate. Many contractors, will perform trade specific jobs. If you want to hire a radon expert, then it is here in Lifetime Radon Solutions. We deal and focus only on Radon! We have the best team and the latest equipment to handle all your radon-related problems and radon removal

Methods of mitigation:

Sub-slab depressurization is a method which uses a system of pipes and an exhaust to reduce the radon levels in a property. This system removes the radon underneath the floor and foundations before it can make its way into the property. Similar systems are being used in properties with crawl space. There are few other systems that can also be used in properties but that entirely depends on the design of the property.

Sealing the cracks and opening is the most crucial part of any installed system as they let the radon flow into the property. Sealing of these cracks benefits in multiples ways it reduces the inflow of radon and it reduces the loss of radon free air hence, making the radon mitigation techniques more fruitful.