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Webmail services.  Which will be the trade-offs?  Are some better than others?

Is Webmail Better?Category: EmailI am Considering switching from Outlook Express to a

webmail secure?  

Report this adWebmail vs. Desktop EmailIf you’ve already been using Thunderbird, Outlook Express, Lotus hillingdon grid webmail

Notes or another desktop software to manage your email, you mhillingdon grid webmailay want

to consider a online email (webmail) solution.  Webmail is a means to ship , receive and manage your email through the net as the name suggests.  Instead of using

conventional applications which resides on your computer, you visit a site,

login, and then handle all your email tasks through your browser.  


Webmail offers everything you’d expect in a and is secure 

Desktop email client, like an address book, customized connections, spell check

along with filtering (principles ).  However you can find trade-offs between desktop-based and webmail mail, so let us examine the pro’s and con’s to help you choose which is right for you.  


GMail webmail Services Webmail AdvantagesUsing webmail, there’s no software 

Everything happens inside your internet browser.  So if there is no program that removes one source of spyware and

virus strikes.  Webmail may conserve space since all of your email folders are saved on line, courtesy of your provider.  Since your email is stored on a server that is distant, and there is nothing to backup.  


However there are two advantages of webmail, that I find

Very compelling.  Webmail frees you.  They don’t wish to end up losing their email address, although Lots of people would like to switch to another ISP.  With webmail, your email is completely independent of your

ISP… you are able to pick a new Internet provider and keep your webmail address.

 But my reason behind using webmail is that you can access it.  You are not tied to a

specific email app on your house computer.  Together with webmail, you can check or send email at a friend’s house, the coffee shop, a hotel, or the library.  


Webmail DrawbacksOf course 

Email is that you need to be online to use it.  In case you have a dialup link,

which limits you somewhat, since you disconnect can’t download your email, read messages or write answers offline.  A few webmail providers do

permit you to connect to your account with a POP3 (regular desktop) email

client, but you need to discover a way to keep the online and offline email folders in sync.  


Webmail, hotmail outageAlso doesn’t typically have niceties

Like stationery, formatting, a dictionary and email templates attributes.  And this might sound strange, but a few of the downsides of free

online email is that it’s completely free.  And since it is free, you get exactly what you pay

for in terms of storage constraints and accessibility.  And in case your provider

suddenly went out of business, you’d be stuck.  


Here’s a rundown on the offers of the three 

webmail providers.  Hotmail, hosted by Microsoft, provides a max of 1GB and a maximum attachment size of 10MB.  For a further charge of

US$19.95 a year, you can raise your storage limits to 4GB with a 20MB

attachment size.  Yahoo Mail provides 10MB attachments and 1GB storage.  You can

upgrade to 2GB and 20MB for attachments for US$19.99 per year.  Google’s GMail

service provides 2.8GB (and climbing ) of storage plus 10MB attachments.  


Yahoo hotmail and Gmail are superb webmail services.

My favorite is Gmail since it delivers the free storage, contains exceptional built-in spam blockers, does forwarding, and comes with a integrated feature.  Additionally, it has a powerful search facility, which allows you to search your

emails by sender, subject, date or any keyword.  


Webmail Might Not Be ideal for dialup users, but it’s simple to

Use, includes centralised maintenance and backup, and easily accessible.  It provides


Freedom from your desktop computer and your ISP, giving you access to your email from

anywhere.  Do you use a webmail service that’s one of those”Big

Three” mentioned above?  If that’s the case, tell me why you like it .