Starting your own business is fun and when it comes to market or promote your business then you might suffer a bump in the road. For this, you have many professionals that can help you out. There is the best internet marketing company that will help you to market your company. All you have to do is find these companies and get your work done. And to get these companies to help you is not a hard thing to do.

The process is simple you need to hire these tech-savvy companies and explain to them your needs and then boom! Everything happens like magic! Well, actually, it is the company who does all the work. It is okay even if you do not this process, the company will explain it to you.

There are various ways of marketing your company and there are many sources to do it for you. mentioned below are some steps that will help you understand the process clearly.

The process:

Firstly you tell your requirements to the company and tell them who is your target audience and what are your expectations.

The company then understands the need and then targets the audience. They explain about your business and try to convert them into a lead.

Several methods are used in order to do this, and the targeted audience is then converted into successful leads.

Once the company has enough leads then they inform you. in this way, your business expands smoothly.

So you see the process is quite simple and helps you generate more business. hiring a professional help turns out to be the most promising a beneficial thing for your business.

Now you will be thinking what are the benefits of this process, let me make it clear for you.

The benefits:

As the process as mentioned above, the people are made aware of the business and marketing is done by different methods. People get to know about your business and the search ranks are increased organically. This generates a good response for your business and is very beneficial for the business.

Once your business is booming you will automatically get calls and leads. This helps you to increase your business smoothly.

So you see the benefits are quite helpful and all you need to do is hire a professional help.  All the marketing efforts are done by the professionals and you just have to focus on your business. So in this way, even if you do not know much about making there are professionals that can boost up your business.  All you need to do is hire the best internet marketing company and let them do what is needed.

These services are available online as well, you need not meet them face to face. Another best thing about an online service is you can also see the results for yourself.  What is the status and how it is increasing is easily available in these results. Choosing a seo service is beneficial and you can see these results for yourself.

One of the top entrepreneurs of 2015 whose name is synonymous with SEO is Connor Paddon. He is a Toronto based young entrepreneur and founder and CEO of, one of the top 5 SEO companies of Canada.At the age of 17, Connor confidently dropped out of school and with the support of his parents took the path less travelled by, entrepreneurship. At 22, much of his hard work saw its value in the disguise of 8 stressful days of an auctioneering via an e-commerce marketplace called Flippa.

What is SEO?

It is the process affecting the visibility of the website in relation to particular search result. The more frequently the site is visible, more the visitors it gets.ConnorPaddon

Path to success:

Founded in late 2013, Searchboost has focused largely on growth of market and market strategy. Understanding the methods and processes of complex algorithms, a necessary aspect of competing for top spots in Google search results is not easy. Connors unique ability to understand these elements of this business has effectively made Searchboost into a major competitor to be reckoned with in the SEO industry in both the US and Canada.SearchBoost expands into other cities as well. According to Connor, multiple sites exist across major cities across US & Canada that bring in fresh leads to the company.

Searchboost has seen tremendous growth since its inception and has become a very reliable option for business owners who are looking for marketing. Very few SEO companies delivers what it promises and SearchBoost it one of them. They have been able to achieve this feat despite of the tremendous competition from other SEO giants whose workforce outnumber that of the SeachBoosts.

In the words of  Paddon :“I aim to provide a solution for these business owners who can’t afford a 6-8 month no-results investment period by spending more than what I am making on them for the first couple of months and I reap the rewards once they’re experiencing the incredible results SEO can sustain.”

Other Ventures:

Surprisingly, Connor has experienced Searchboost’s tremendous growth while working on several other ventures like the appointment scheduling software company OnSchedule (, as well as Toronto based exotic car Rental Company called VIP Exotics. These ventures, are the probable reasons that might push Connor to put someone else in charge of SearchBoost’s day-to-day operations.

He has also founded over ten successful E-commerce outlets that have sold for around $40,000-128,000 in quarter of a decade.

He has featured on thrillest, supercompressor,, uncrate, and has also been tweeted by the famous Hollywood hottie, Kim Kardashian.

A young Connor Paddon has already made his mark in the field of SEO industries in a very young age .all of this happened because he did what he wanted to do and was backed by his supportive parents, and he has just got started. This is the just the beginning in the making of history, the making of the founder of a top SEO company which will probably one day be ‘the top SEO company’.