Losing Your Weight and Looking Fabulous Isn’t Difficult With These Simple Tips

Losing weight – A make or break journey

The weight loss regimen is a tough one. It’s either make or break. We all want to look smart and fit and we are willing to do whatever for it but everything should be done with so much deliberation and care as not to bring harm to your health and body. Either we take on a diet plan or start exercise; everything should be controlled and according to the needs of our body. If we will strain our bodies more than their capacities, they will break down eventually. Weight loss can be easier than you think if we adopt few changes to our lives.

VIM – Very Important Meal

Never skip breakfast. Yes! Eat breakfast as you are a king, have your lunch as you are a commoner and have your dinner as you are a peasant – this is the principle of the sages. Include eggs and other proteins in your breakfast so that they get a whole to get digested, and have light dinner at least 2 hours before sleeping to have it properly digested. Most of us do this mistake of keeping our breakfast minimal and having a heavy dinner, which damages the shape of our body and the food remains undigested.

Making water our favorite

You need to increase your metabolism for a quicker weight loss and water can increase your metabolism by around 10-30 %. Water not only helps with metabolism, it also helps you debloat and detoxify your body. If you are hungry, drink water. Right!!! Use water as snack and filler. It is good for your body and skin, making you fresher and healthier. It is said that you should drink on average 6 to 8 glasses of water but no, you must drink as much water as you can. No harm in it. You must also have green tea and black coffee in order to speed up your metabolism.

Saying No to excessive Sugars and Carbohydrates

Avoid fats, sugars, carbohydrates! We all know that saying ‘no’ to desserts is so difficult, who can ever won’t want an ice-cream or Tiramisu but as indulgent as they may be, they are bad to your weight loss cause, besides they also cause diseases like diabetics. Stop using normal oil in cooking, switch to olive and coconut oil, because they are digested faster than normal oil. Carbohydrates increase your craving and increase your hunger. The more carbohydrates the more chances of obesity. Eating spicy food helps with weight loss too, interestingly.

Keeping our muscles moving

Be active! Doing cardio exercises like, aerobics are great to burn calories. Swimming and running will help your body to tone up and get in shape. Lifting weights will build up your muscles. Yoga will increase flexibility and can help in weight loss too. One thing that is most important is that we be determined and fully motivated for all this routine and we must be unswerving in this. The more we will sweat and move, the more we will curb our cravings, the faster we will get rid of our fats and look fantastic.Read More

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