3 tips to sell a house that has pets faster


How can I quickly sell a house where a pet also lived? This is a very frequent question in real estate . Although it is true that some owners usually establish very strict rules in this regard, most of them allow their pets to live inside the house as another member of the family. However, despite the fact that pets are very beneficial for emotional health, sometimes they do not facilitate the sale of a property.

When you decide to put your house up for sale , you will need to do a good cleaning and the necessary repairs to obtain a competitive price for your property . What you should be looking for is that the buyers can imagine themselves living in the house, that means that you must provide them with a space free of personal belongings, and this is where your dog or gathijo comes in. You need to ‘depersonalize’ the property in order for you to achieve your mission.

Here are some of the best tips for this:

1. Talk to your vet

One of the most important aspects that you should take into account is that your pet has its own needs, which will be better discussed directly with your vet. Talk to him about the sale and how it might affect him. This is very important when it comes to an elderly pet, as it tends to adapt less to changes. The selling a home can be so stressful for the pet and the owner of the property.


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2. Opt for temporary relocation

This is a measure that you may be willing to implement, or maybe not, but sometimes it is easier to show and sell a house if your pet is not present. We suggest you find a temporary home for him during visits by potential buyers because unfortunately his cute tricks may not be to everyone’s liking.

Ideally, your real estate agent should be the one to show the place. Keeping a pet in the house or on the patio at those times can complicate the task of the agent, in addition to increasing the risk that your pet accidentally leaves the house.

Keeping your dog or cat in the house during a visit is to risk possible inconveniences, especially if the buyer decides to visit together with their young (and curious) children. The last thing you want is for your little dog to get nervous and bite them. Of course this does not apply if your puppy is very sociable, but still the idea is to avoid situations that get out of control.

When you do not have a place to order your pet, your best option will be to lodge it in a limited area of ​​the house and give prior notice to the agent and the buyer. Another option is to purchase a conveyor that suits your size. We know that your dog is not used to this and that he is another member of the family, but sometimes it is necessary to take these measures when the sale of your house is a priority.


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3. Eliminates odors and stains

Often sharing the house with our beloved pets makes the subsequent sale of the property difficult. Whether it is because the potential buyers are not lovers of our furry friends or because the property has pet “footprints”, that is something that can significantly reduce its price.

Pets have accidents and over time we get used to their peculiar smell, but new visitors will surely notice it and it is definitely something you do not want to happen. Our sense of smell has a powerful effect on our emotions, on our memory and on our perception of things. If upon entering the house the client perceives a slight smell of urine or a sign of dirt, it is very likely that it will be present in his mind and it is likely that he will begin to think about the extra cost that will be involved in solving these problems.

A bad smell can be reason for a buyer to decline his interest in a property. Prevent this from happening by thoroughly cleaning the carpets and floor.

Selling a house where a pet lived requires some extra work, but it will be worth it. Having a furry at home is very special for many Mexican families, but we cannot generalize. Some people just don’t share that taste, and signs that a pet lives in the home can significantly reduce the appeal and value of a property (we’re talking about scratched doors or furniture bitten by the darlings of the home).

Remember that these measures will ultimately benefit both your pet and the sale of your home. Good luck with the sale! Be sure to advertise it on buy propertyblue world city Islamabad real estate portal and find the best property sales tips on the buy property Blog .